Remote Endeavors

It seems that I have picked mid-Summer to catch a cold (at least I’m not testing postitive for COVID yet), so yesterday I decided to complete some low-impact TODOs I had been postponing for a while.

The container I set up on a lark a few months ago sort of became my personal desktop environment that I use from literally everywhere to run , and even (neither of which I can run on my iPad), and I sometimes want to have quick access to it.


I have a 27” 2560x1080 monitor that I’ve mostly been using with the to watch the news and the that I recently sent on a was sitting on my desk, so everything seemed to come together neatly.

However, I wasn’t able to get my to work with it (I’ve had numerous tussles with the hardware before around wireless), so I dug out a Raspberry Pi 3A+ I had set up as a Lakka box a couple of years back go and had fallen in disuse1.

It (or a Zero 2 W) are more than enough to drive a 2560x1080 ultrawide display and render remote applications very snappily over a Wi-Fi connection, and this is one of the few use cases where its 512MB of RAM are plenty.


I didn’t bother with overly elaborate customization–flashing the 32-bit Raspbian image onto an SD card and disabling the new OpenGL driver so I could tune the resolution by hand did 99% of what I needed:

# snippet from my /boot/config.txt
hdmi_cvt=2560 1080 50 7 0 0 1

# disable new driver

The rest was mostly replacing Chromium with Epiphany (which is enough for accessing Jupyter notebooks, router status pages and the like), installing Remmina and taking all of 30 seconds to set up my and my M720, because Raspbian Bluetooth support is just excellent.

For good measure, I also added [Tailscale] since I also want to access some of my Azure boxes, but were it not for force of habit and my particular needs, 100% of this could be done via the GUI and would “just work” out of the box.


I had a few issues with audio, because Remmina at first apparently refused to play audio from my remote server. That turned out to be due to a pending update and was fixed with a restar, but it was a bit annoying.

In the process of debugging it, however, I realized you can now switch your audio output to and from HDMI by just right-clicking on the speaker icon in the tray, which is a nice touch in Raspbian.


For a completely silent, essentially throwaway setup, this has a lot of bang for the buck.

It bears noting that the Pi 3A+, even over Wi-Fi, is more than fast enough to give me very low input latency, tolerable full window dragging at 32-bit color depth and even the ability to watch (and listen to) YouTube videos in a pretty smooth way on both Linux and Windows remote servers–that is because Remmina is now capable of negotiating GFX acceleration, and it shows when I play video or rotate objects in the editor (it’s not buttery smooth, but it works fast enough to not break my flow).

This makes using a thin client all the more appealing, and given the time I spend using RDP on my iPad alone I should probably spend some time investigating an upgrade to my six-year-old , especially since I know xrdp now has some support for GPU acceleration.

But I’m not made of money, and there is plenty more to do in the meantime…

  1. Ironically, this was one of the boards I have run on and used as a very similar SSH/VNC terminal before. It even has a cutesy 3D printed case that is half the size of a power brick, so it can be hidden away anywhere. ↩︎

Miscellaneous Summer Updates

The past few weeks have been a mad dash towards an as yet unspecified (and as yet completely unscheduled) summer break, so although a lot has happened most of it will pop up in retrospective posts somewhere down the line. There are, however, some odds and ends worth pinning to dates, so I’ve bundled them together here.


Heat Pumping

It was somewhat of a letargic week, especially if you consider that in the quasi-apocalyptic reality we now live temperatures above 40oC have become the new normal. So I spent some time investigating my office air conditioner.


Reviving my ancient BQ Prusa i3 Hephestos with Klipper

While I wait for a good deal on a new 3D printer, I decided to see what I could do to improve printing on the ancient I built from a Maker Faire kit I got , when I was organizing the first events in Portugal (which I’m thus quite attached to). And having heard good things about Klipper firmware, I decided to give it a spin.


Keen On Keys

A lot has been happening on the 3D printing front, but that is still ongoing to a point where it will end up on a later post, so I decided to write a little follow-up on . And if the title seems familiar, that’s because I really like this YouTube channel, which covers keys of other kinds.


The Xbox Series X

A couple of months ago I got a great deal on an Xbox Series X, which kind of explains why some of my free time has evaporated. Well, not all of it, but here are my thoughts on it so far.


Inverse Weekend

As it turned out the July bank holidays were too tempting to resist, so I just took a day off and am enjoying an “inverse weekend”, working only 2 days out of 7…


Darth Vader On A Portuguese Beach

I was given access to DALL-E 2 today, and am clearly having too much fun.

Short Break

Thanks to a serendipitous alignment of Portuguese holidays this turned out to be a 4-day weekend, so I decided to spend a chunk of it dusting and cleaning my office throughout, which entailed unplugging, untangling and cleaning all the cabling.


Weekend Updates

Since I got something like 15 little packets from AliExpress, so I finally have all the parts for my electronics builds and can get to finishing them.


Build Updates

Following up on my , I managed a fair bit of progress in the intervening days.


Notes on Fedora 36

Sometime during the past two weeks I decided to install Fedora 36 on my , and this is my usual roll-up of notes and sundry. Most of it was OK and unremarkable (which is good for technology these days), but (spoiler) there are always a few odds and ends that could be better.