Go (lang)

A great systems-oriented programming language I’ve taken up to complement


Category Date Link Notes
Authentication 2020 authelia authentication and authorization server providing 2-factor authentication and single sign-on
tobab an identity-aware proxy
Ory a full IAP authentication solution with OpenID integration
loginsrv a standalone minimalistic login server providing a JWT login for multiple login backends
2018 traefik-forward-auth a forward auth service that provides OAuth support for the Traefik reverse proxy
Big Data gohadoop A set of libraries to build Hadoop jobs
2015 Glow An easy-to-use distributed computation (map-reduce) system in pure Go.
Configuration 2018 envconfig simple, no-frills environment variable handling
2017-01 viper A flexible configuration solution for 12 factor apps (and more)
Data Science 2018 go-freeling Natural language processing
gonum/floats operations on slices of floats
gonum/graph Graph navigation/traversal
gonum/matrix Matrix algebra
gonum/optimize Gradient descent and minimization
gonum/plot Plotting and visualization
gonum/stat statistics package
gophernotes A Jupyter kernel for Go
gota DataFrames, Series and data manipulation
regression Multivariable regression
csvutil CSV and tabular data
Data Structures 2016 gen Clojure-like immutable data-structures and functional helpers
Database 2022 sqlite a Go interface to sqlite3
go-sqlite3-stdlib a set of math and statistics extensions to SQLite
2021 nakama A game-oriented state server, backed by CockroachDB
2020 dbmate a database migration tool that supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and ClickHouse
2016 gorm A Go ORM library
Deep Learning 2018 go-neural
Desktop 2022 wails an Electron-like framework for desktop app development
Graphics sdfx a CAD package written in Go
2016 gift The Go Image Filtering Toolkiti
HomeKit 2022 hap a rewrite of the brutella/hc HomeKit library
IoT tinygui a GUI toolkit for TinyGo
2020 tamago compile and execute Go on bare ARM SoCs
2018 gokrazy a pure-Go userland for appliances
tinygo an LLVM compiler for small devices
Libraries 2022 imagemeta supports EXIF, XMP and HEIC metadata parsing
2020 Chroma a fast generic syntax highlighter
olric A distributed cache and in-memory key/value data store that can be used standalone or embedded.
2019 bild a collection of parallel image processing algorithms
2018 go-imap an IMAP client library
goworker A Resque-compatible library for background workers
go-dsp A digital processing package
ffjson Faster JSON for Go
gjson Fast JSON data retrieval
scrape A simple interface for Go web scraping
2016 go-linq LINQ-like functionality with coroutine support
libchan A network-enabled abstraction that mimics channels
Machine Learning 2018 goml stream oriented ML library
word2vec word2vec model support
golearn A very nice machine learning library
Messaging nsq A message queueing system
Microservices 2020 flogo a low-code environment with streaming support and a Node-RED like approach.
flatend an interesting take on deployment and discovery via P2P/Kademlia
2019 go-micro a microservices framework with pluggable components for discovery, transports, etc.
Middleware 2017-11 casbin a flexible access control library
Networking 2018 router7 A router based on gokrazy
Other 2021 macdriver Objective-C bindings for Go
2018 Shrinking Go binaries By stripping debug symbols and using upx
go-bindata Pack external assets into a Go program as binary data
Parsers 2016-06 etree An XML handling library modeled on Python's ElementTree
Protocols 2016 go-vnc An extensible VNC protocol library
2015-03 torrent An embeddable BitTorrent library
2015-01 mangos A network library for IPC patterns
Robotics 2014 Gobot A set of robotics-oriented libraries
Search 2016 blevesearch A Lucene-like indexing library
Servers 2020 maddy a composable, all-in-one SMTP/IMAP server
System 2018 suture A library that implements Erlang-like supervision trees
Tools 2022 vhs terminal demo recorder with GIF/ffmpeg output
goweight a CLI tool to identify which libraries contribute most to binary size
2021 till a web scraping caching proxy that handles most of the anti-scraping mechanics
zinc a lightweight alternative to elasticsearch that claims to run in less than 100 MB of RAM and has a broadly similar API
pyroscope a profiling platform with support for Go, Python and Ruby
2020 Got a tool/library that uses concurrent HTTP range requests for faster downloads
Transpilers 2014 Tardis Go A transpiler to JavaScript
funcgo A simplified dialect that compiles to Clojure
GopherJS A transpiler to JavaScript
UI 2019 muon a lightweight alternative to Electron with go bindings
2018 termui A terminal-oriented dashboard library
2014 ui A platform-native GUI library
Web 2022 but a full-stack web framework with server-side rendering and good JS integration
2020 gearbox A web framework built around fasthttp
2018 Beego Ships with an ORM and built-in monitoring
QOR A set of libraries for E-Commerce and CMS
Gin uses a Radix tree for routing, handles panics
Iris Lots of features and plugins
2017-07 HttpRouter A high performance HTTP router
Goji A Sinatra-inspired, minimalist framework
2016-06 echo A high-performance HTTP server framework with LetsEncrypt support

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