OpenSCAD is a solid 3D modeling program that generates 3D shapes from a simple scene description language and can directly output STL files for 3D printing. It is extraordinarily precise, quite flexible and free, but has a somewhat frustrating learning curve.


Category Date Link Notes
Books 2021 Mastering OpenSCAD a comprehensive online tutorial
Libraries 2022 dotSCAD A comprehensive library of transformation functions
openscad-rpi-library a library of Raspberry Pi related objects
OpenSCAD-Dovetails a library for dovetail joints
gridfinity-rebuilt-openscad Another version of Gridfinity
NopSCADlib an incredible library of various electronic and mechanical parts
gridfinity_openscad an implementation of the Gridfinity storage system in OpenSCAD, that I've used with great success.
Tools 2021 GraphSCAD a Windows/Ubuntu nodal editor for OpenSCAD
SolidPython a Python frontend for solid modeling that conpiles to OpenSCAD
2020 hob3l a tool that takes OpenSCAD files and performs faster slicing

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