OpenSCAD is a solid 3D modeling program that generates 3D shapes from a simple scene description language and can directly output STL files for 3D printing. It is extraordinarily precise, quite flexible and free, but can have a somewhat frustrating learning curve.


Category Date Link Notes
Alternatives 2023 ImplicitCAD

a Haskell-based alternative


a Rust-based alternative with chamfer and fillet support


Generate 3D meshes based on SDFs


a Python-based alternative using OpenCascade


Interpreter using signed-distance-functions

2022 CadQuery

a Python library for building parametric 3D CAD models using OpenCascade

Books 2021 Mastering OpenSCAD

a comprehensive online tutorial

GUI 2022 CQ-Editor

a Qt GUI for CadQuery

Libraries 2023 BOSL2

a very comprehensive library that also allows to add chamfers/bevels and rounded edges to OpenSCAD models


a ser of modules to apply fillets to objects in a few situations


a library for adding chamfers/bevels to OpenSCAD models

2022 dotSCAD

A comprehensive library of transformation functions


a library of Raspberry Pi related objects


a library for dovetail joints


Another version of Gridfinity


an incredible library of various electronic and mechanical parts


an implementation of the Gridfinity storage system in OpenSCAD, that I’ve used with great success.

Tools 2023 ghostscad

a Go library that generates OpenSCAD code

2022 SBC Case Builder

A case builder wizard for single board computers like the Raspberry Pi

SBC Model Framework

The core library of SBC Case Builder

2021 GraphSCAD

a Windows/Ubuntu nodal editor for OpenSCAD


a Python frontend for solid modeling that compiles to OpenSCAD

2020 hob3l

a tool that takes OpenSCAD files and performs faster slicing

Wrappers 2024 openscad-playground

a very capable web UI that wraps the WASM build. Moderately usable on an iPad.

2023 openscad-graph-editor

A node-based graphical UI to create OpenSCAD models

2022 jupyter-cadquery

a jupyter extension to view CadQuery output in the browser

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