Godot Engine 

Godot is a game engine that has risen in popularity over the past few years. It currently supports (officially) its own programming language (GDScript, in both textual and “visual” forms) and C# (via mono), and is able to target most platforms (including mobile, VR headsets and consoles).

Unlike Unity or Unreal (which have massive communities, asset stores, and performance/storage requirements), it has an almost tiny footprint (less than a hundred megabytes) and runs quite well on low-end hardware, so despite having fiddled with Unity on and off for years, I (together with my kids) find myself playing around with Godot instead.

(It’s worth noting that Godot’s visual scripting is a pretty decent starting point for getting started with game logic.)


Category Date Link Notes
Apps 2020 Godello a Trello clone with a Phoenix back-end
Pixelorama a 2D sprite editor
Extensions ArcadiaGodot a port of the Clojure Arcadia project
Models Platformer Kit a free model kit to build platform games
Plugins godot_heightmap_plugin A heightmap-based terrain plugin for Godot 3.x
Easy Charts a library with a number of 2D/3D chart types
Samples Oculus Quest Toolkit includes a simple Beat Saber clone and all
Sample Demo Code a number of interesting bits of code, including some amazing sample shaders
VRWorkout a VR workout game for the Oculus Quest
Shaders Godot Shader Examples
Tools 2019 frt a Godot runtime for the Raspberry Pi
Tutorials 2020 Kids Can Code Tutorials a set of Godot 2 tutorials (easy to follow by kids, but some GDScript needs to be rewritten for 3.x)

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