Quake III Arena

The third incarnation of , which redefined (again) the way people looked at (and played) online games and which makes Unreal Tournament look like a high school physics simulation with stop-motion animation.

I used to run a games portal called accao.net a long, long while ago, and still rate running through q3dm6 with rockets exploding all around me as one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had in gaming.

Back in 2001, I created a skin pack for the Visor model with two extra colors (green and yellow) and some level texture changes that we used for a Yorn co-branded tournament at the Internet World 2001 event in Lisbon.

I even did banner ads:

…and the year before, we gave away a scooter:


Date Link Notes
Sometime ago ioquake3 arguably the best (cross-platform) enhanced runtime engine, with an amazing amount of improvements.
a derived open source effort.
Ages ago cake a map viewer.
Xbox port
QQQ the Arena as performance art.
Wolfenstein Enemy Territory (free) client available here
Source Code