The SCM du jour, which replaced for me, and with a number of followers largely due to the massive amount of projects managed with it (and github’s rise in popularity).


Dealing with line endings

Use git config --global core.autocrlf input to have git convert files to LF ending when committing (essential if you want to diff whole trees)


Date Platform Link Rating Notes
Dec’14 N/A/ Gitfs A FUSE filesystem that keeps track of changes
May’14 N/A Gitlist A PHP front-end
Apr’14 N/A Gitblit Interesting A based solution.
N/A Gogs Interesting A self-hosting solution, pretty neat.
Aug’13 N/A gittle Great A high-level implementation based on Dulwich
Jun’13 N/A klaus Great A Python-based repository browser
Jan’13 N/A libgit2 Promising A linkable library for git
Jan’12 N/A git-extras Interesting A set of extensions for team work.
Apr’11 GitX Interesting, haven’t tried it yet Another fork with even more features
Feb’11 gitx Damn good A fork of the traditional GitX with a number of new features
Sep ’10 Multiple Dulwich TBD a pure implementation
Gitbox Free for up to three repos.
gitnub , plays nice with github, requires some tweaking.
Gity Simple and straightforward UI.
Gitti In beta. Seems to have a decent revision graph.
GitX The classic.
GitMac Also in beta. No remarkable features.
Multiple SparkleShare Wants to be as well. Might be the best thing ever for non-tech users if it ever gets out a or version.


Date Link Notes
Apr ’12 A successful Git branching model Very good approach, made easier with gitflow.
Aug ’10 Git for the lazy A moderately broad introduction.

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