Three Panes - The Right Way, At Last!

If you've been visiting for a while, you've probably noticed that my quest for a vertical preview pane in is an old and tortuous one (has it really been three years?), and that it made my long list of annoyances regarding the application itself.

And, in fact, a number of people were kind enough to remember, so much so that I got three submissions for this thread as I drowsily skimmed my feeds during breakfast (tagging stuff for rcarmo gets it to show up on my RSS reader - feel free to do so, provided you don't overdo it..).

By then folk were up to figuring out the need for a custom NSSplitView (like I wrote a while back, the preview pane is programmatically sized) and providing a custom binary, but at 8AM I hadn't the heart to fire up my Mac to try it (and especially not after having shut it down at 2AM, bleary-eyed, trying to sort out some... "homework"), so I bookmarked the thing on my PSP and departed for work.

Then Ryan Flynn e-mailed me around lunchtime (to my Blackberry, no less), and I found out that some enterprising soul had created this .mailbundle plugin.

Getting home after a particularly grueling Friday, I've just found that Michael Simmons, Pedro Leite, and Dominic Evans also e-mailed me about it - in glorious, vertical goodness.

And seeing that Tim Gaden would like some feedback on it, I have one thing to say -

Apple, this plugin is the reason I haven't switched to Thunderbird today. The IMAP support and the random crashes with embedded images in HTML mail have been driving me nuts, and this bought a little more time.

And that's it, really. In fact, just crashed on me the first time I tried displaying Tim's post:

...but hey, I've got a vertical preview pane - at last!

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