PlayStation Portable

The most over-hyped personal gaming platform ever, if coverage during 2004 is anything to go by.


  • Browser is moderately fast, has (three) tabs
  • Limited JavaScript support, no Flash (which somehow makes sense given limited heap)
  • Complains about lack of memory on image-intensive pages
  • Input (understandably) sucks

HTTP Headers

(thanks to Pedro Leite)

HTTP_USER_AGENT Mozilla/4.0 (PSP (PlayStation Portable); 2.00)
HTTP_ACCEPT     */*;q=0.01
HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING     (yes, it's empty)

RSS Streaming

The PSP uses a separate User-Agent for streaming music files via HTTP. It sends as referrer the RSS feed URL, and asks for byte-ranges (apparently in multiples of 8192, but I have done only one Ethereal trace so far):

GET / HTTP/1.1\r\n
User-Agent: PSPRssChannel-agent/1.0.0 libhttp/1.0.0\r\n
Accept: */*;q=0.01\r\n
Accept-Encoding: \r\n
Accept-Charset: iso-8859-1;q=0.01\r\n
Range: bytes=0-\r\n

When you fast-forward or rewind, it will try to ask for a different Range:, so if you're hosting MP3 for your PSP, use Apache or another HTTP server that does byte-ranges right.

JavaScript Details




From firmware 3.30 onwards, a top-level VIDEO folder accepts AVC-encoded .MP4 files with .JPG thumbnails