Vertical Preview Pane in NetNewsWire... And in

I've already ranted on a bit about how I like Thunderbird's vertical preview pane (and 2003's, which I expect to be able to enjoy soon), but finding out that you can alter NetNewsWire to have that layout was a most welcome coincidence (I just installed the latest beta to try out, and was extremely impressed by the speed and polish of it).

After having done this sucessfully to my own copy of , I started wondering. My NeXTSTEP days had shown me that .nib manipulation was extremely powerful, and that the design model made for almost complete independence between code and layout resources.

So I decided to hack my own vertical preview e-mail client: I made a copy of from the /Applications folder and, after some poking around to find the right file, edited the to achieve the same effect and change 's preview pane to a vertical orientation.

(I'm not going to publish more details on how I achieved it - asides from the pretty obvious .nib name above - since is not likely to appreciate this.)

So far my copy of works without ill effects (and does feel a lot like Thunderbird), but of course your mileage may vary. I am not responsible if you lose all your mail, if your cat explodes, or if you damage your install.

Remember, I edited a copy. Besides, I always run as an unprivileged user, since being able to throw system folders into the trash is not my idea of "ease of use".

Flash Adventure Game

Via Memepool (whom I wish would fix their RSS feed, by the way...), the LEGO BIONICLE Mata Nui Adventure Game. Felt a lot like Myst for a bit - very atmospheric for a Flash game.


Via Russel Beattie, a link to a brilliant idea (chess is known world-wide, is turn-based, time-independent, and board state can be encoded in a few bytes, so theoretically you could even swap SMS directly with another player's phone).

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