The Obligatory Five Random Things

...that struck my fancy these past few days:

  • Remember this one? Well, the original news made the Expresso front page (in the Economics section), so it must be true now, right? Ah, portuguese journalists and their newfound taste for copying from the web and pasting it to paper...
  • Finally, a glimmer of light at the end of the "business Mac" tunnel. Corporations need not apply yet, since this is mostly focused on "cool" and niche usage of Macs. I guess real business isn't glamorous enough.
  • Ah, so this is why first-generation Apple products suck. I love the R&D > Production > Launch > Marketing and Sales > Real World Testing (Quality Assurance) > Recall, Technical Support, Mass Hysteria > "Re-Release" > Success bit.
  • Daniel is learning Python, and he's cooked up a neat litte application to do so.
  • Erm. So, what's the point of this, again?

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