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Charging under :

The following incantations will tweak the port power to allow a to charge:

# cat
BLACKBERRY=`hal-find-by-property --key usb_device.product --string "Blackberry Handheld"`
BLACKBERRY_USB=`hal-find-by-property --key usb.product --string "USB Vendor Specific Interface" --key usb.vendor --string "Research In Motion, Ltd."`
hal-set-property --udi $BLACKBERRY --key usb_device.max_power --int 500
hal-set-property --udi $BLACKBERRY_USB --key usb.max_power --int 500

...or you can just use Barry, a app that will sync your device and enable charging.







Key Combos:

  • Task Switch: Alt+Esc
  • Reset: Alt+Cap+Del
  • Reorder Icons: Alt+Click (on unbranded devices only)
  • Engineering Screen: Alt+Cap+h (unbranded devices only, provides access to data)
  • Event Log: Alt+"LGLG" on home screen
  • Alt+"NMLL" toggles network signal level display between graphical and numeric (unbranded devices only)

Hacks for pre-3.8 devices

Browser hack:

  • Open the browser, then choose options.
  • when you see Browser Config. and General Properties type the following.."RBRO" and four more options should popup.
  • Click on Browser Config, scroll down to constrained content mode: Click on WML Only and change to Unconstrained.
  • Back out one level, Saving the changes.
  • Click on Browser Config. one more time, and scroll down to Content Mode: and Click on WML Only and change to WML and HTML.
  • Back out and save changes again.

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