Triple Six

No earthquakes, tidal waves, or other cataclysmic events other than my Dad's flat-screen (15") iMac having died - which is a major drag, since the machine's PSU was repaired only last year or so.

I'll be keeping an eye on how things progress, but the prospect of getting him a new machine at this point is, well.. bothersome, since I've just decided to hold back a bit myself - so if the 15" isn't repairable, I'll have to help him either get a mini or... wait for it, it's pretty damned ironic - a cheap Intel laptop.

And it will most likely have to run Windows, too - he's a heavy Excel user (of the kind that ought to be enrolled in OpenOffice compatibility tests), and there's a bunch of legacy stuff that will only run on Windows (for which I had set up Virtual PC).

Ah well. We'll see...

Odds and Ends

More if I have time.