Random Updates

  • My personal e-mail is something like two weeks behind - please excuse any lack of feedback in the meantime, I've tried to make my incursions into computing as short and focused as possible (and hey, penpals used to take weeks to write back when I was a kid...).
  • has been crashing on me on a near-daily basis for a couple of weeks now - I've no idea why, since removing all add-ons doesn't seem to cure it.
  • I haven't taken much notice of e-mail Spam lately (although I really ought to look into it), but my current method is still quite satisfactory: route (almost) everything through SpamAssassin - which means I have a centralised "Junk" folder - toss in the odd straggler, and then hop over to the server, force an sa-learn on that folder (which sort of restores parity between 's junk ratings and SpamAssassin's), and then bounce the whole thing back at once - primal, I know, but very satisfactory.
  • Via Gruber, the Slashdot CSS redesign winner. Very slick indeed - now all we have to do is wait for the content to match the looks.
  • Maybe it's my earlier rantings, but people now delight in e-mailing me examples of hot s.
  • The 8707v has been officially announced (via Pedro Leite).
  • I had forgotten that the -bundled had Tcl/Tk bindings - it was a very welcome surprise to see a canvas window pop up while testing a Graphs library...

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