The Mail Thing

A word of caution regarding the Security Update 2004-04-05 and the MessageViewer.nib hack I usually do: The updater did not update my main copy of (/Applications/, which remained at 1.3.4) but updated my private copy (/Users/me/Applications/ to version 1.3.7, modifications and all.

Considering I don't even run updates as myself (I keep to my sanitary practice of setting everything up under an administrative account and running as an unprivileged user), this is most likely a serious bug lurking somewhere inside Apple's updater mechanism (which I've duly reported, by the way).

The only way around this is to remove all custom copies of, re-apply the update and reboot. Then you can re-patch MessageViewer.nib.

True Colors

1.3.7 seems way slower with SSL connections, by the way. Must be due to the OpenSSL update or some other bit of wierd mojo I haven't yet figured out. Oh, and I'm finding myself missing Outlook 2003's multi-colored message flags (i.e., not just a red one).

Fortunately (and not many people know it's this simple), I can just open the color picker and drop a color smudge on any message to color it appropriately.

Which means I can now color my messages with any of 16777216 colors. Less is more, indeed.


Miscellaneous feedback that I've found flagged deep in the nether recesses of my Inbox (and a couple rescued from the spam filters):

  • Justin sent me a nice mobile phone roundup and a few sanity tips regarding purchasing phones (this last only really applicable to the US, but hey, it's from most of y'all come a-visitin'). I'd only make one correction: The T650 is actually the SonyEricsson/K700, and judging from what I've experienced from handling a few samples, it's going to be the "just works" phone to have this year. No stupid features, no bloated applications, and great functionality.

  • Dev Anand Teelucksingh pointed me to wxMusik, which looks simple, efficient and practical - besides being Open Source and inherenly portable due to its wxWindows underpinnings. One little gripe, though - no ID3 album art tagging. Still, if I'm ever stuck at my Fedora laptop for any extended period of time, I'll give it a whirl, since Muine requires Mono and the kitchen sink to install.

  • Thomas Kollbach sent me a few hints on getting SSL over IMAP - I was actually ranting about getting S/MIME working on, the solution to which I didn't publish due to some PGP zealotry (everyone's reverted to plaintext in the meantime, so the craze is past - not much point in encrypting anything these days). Now that OpenSSL has been updated to 0.9.7b, I guess it's time to clean up the draft and write a fresh HOWTO.

  • Matthew Wilson (of wmlbrowser fame) pointed me towards version 0.6, which I'm happy to report working correctly with Firefox under Windows (my main WAP testing environment) and Mac OS X (the one where I'm most productive).

  • Last but not least, Zeno Crivelli (he of PRC-Tools fame) dropped me a note on his neat Urly:

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