Notes for February 20-26

A bit of fun was had, largely by dint of catching up with hobbies.

Monday, 2023-02-20

US holiday. Took the day off as well.

  • Punted on tidying office, put my work machine in a shelf instead and spent the day on my Mac.
  • Reviewed list of personal projects, which is in an that currently feels very much like this:
I have trouble believing all the pending stuff in there...
  • Took some time to relax, deal with some multicast madness and create wrappers for some of my utilities:
A wrapper for my Ambilight Swift script.
  • Did some more research for a future project.
  • Fixed a Nintendo Switch joy-con.
  • Added the final piece (a missing SSD heatsink) to and did a few stress tests by running a set of prompts in imaginAIry. Am quite impressed that I can absentmindedly RDP to it using my and things are still fast.

Tuesday, 2023-02-21

Mardi Gras. Short (non-Carnival-related) family outing.

  • Upon returning home, decided to celebrate by dressing up as a couch potato and trying to drum up the courage to dabble in music again.
  • On a whim, hooked up my to my as a second display and enjoyed a very nice 3440x1440 GPU accelerated experience, although it is clear at this point the Pi struggles a bit with both the extra display and what can throw at it–and crashes if I overclock it. Time to start researching fanless Celeron mini-PCs with dual HDMI and see if it’s worth replacing the Pi with one in six months or so.
  • Tried out pygwalker, which is a pretty neat way to explore my home automation metrics.
  • Briefly poked at building a new accelerometer module.
  • Installed the new PrusaSlicer alpha and began migrating my settings across.
  • Printed a couple of LEGO pieces in PETG.

Wednesday, 2023-02-22

Ash Wednesday, also known as “Monday” this week.

  • Filed #28 in pygwalker because I can’t really use the charting with the current default labeling.

Thursday, 2023-02-23

Mild chaos.

Friday, 2023-02-24

Relatively quiet day, spent mostly catching up on things. Hard to believe .

I checked on NEXTSPACE (which I tried ) and was sad to see the developer (an Ukrainian) hasn’t committed anything for a long time now.

Ended the day early and caught up on personal things as well:

  • Learned a magic incantation to reset a completely frozen, blank screen 2022 iPad that wouldn’t charge or show up on the USB bus: press volume buttons in order (moving away from power button), hold power button until Apple logo shows up. Phew.
  • Did a few test prints with Alpha 4 to try out some of the new fancy features, with spectacularly bad results (like freaking out with 200x extrusion rates). Turns out I need to scrub the configs a little more and remove some conflicting settings.
  • Realized some recent upgrade broke pulseaudio in xrdp, so I spent a while looking for systemd --user red herrings, eventually updated the xrdp-sink module and added an explicit startup item:
# cat .config/autostart/pulseaudio.desktop 
[Desktop Entry]
Name=PulseAudio Sound System
Exec=/bin/sh -c "sleep 2; pulseaudio --start"
  • Fooled around a bit more with my setup and the binary I use to update my office bias lighting to match to what’s on my monitor. Unfortunately Wayland doesn’t make it easy to take screenshots, so I wrote a fallback that extracts the color hints from the current wallpaper instead.
  • Realized exists, downloaded the source and wrestled with GNOME Builder to get an actual non-Flatpak binary and, for good measure, set ICON_SIZE to 72 because the default 32 is obviously meant for ants. Seems to work OK with my , which opens up entirely new possibilities:
A minimal setup (yes, these are my theme icons).

This reminds me I haven’t written about how I use the Elgato Stream Deck on Windows and Mac, but the above is , with that “off-by-one” feel you get when you’re porting code across in a hurry.

Saturday, 2023-02-25

Family outing.

  • Read The Economist.
  • Personal inbox zero.
  • Light piku backlog/issue grooming.

Sunday, 2023-02-26

Catch-up day, mostly devoted to personal projects and cleaning up.

  • Migrated my instance from to an Azure Standard_B2s with minimum disruption. Part of it is due to piku since it was just a git push after I had copied the data over (and this machine currently runs five other applications), part of it Cloudflare, all of it just so nice and tidy (at least for now).
  • Finally replaced our old Huawei all-in-one ONT/router with the nicer (hopefully far less buggy) Vodafone Smart Router Sagem-designed model I infamously spent multiple months a replacement base for.
  • Literally screwed a Gigabit switch to a wall to make our utility cabinet tidier.
  • Cleaned up these notes for posting.

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