Notes for January 09-15

Catch-up week on various fronts.

Monday, 2023-01-09

Not a very quiet Monday, honestly, but had a slow start.

  • Tidied office again after the weekend.
  • Dealt with customs to pay taxes for and release a stray package that I had lost track of (thank you Brexit!).
  • Fiddled with Azure Functions a bit more, partly for work. Wrote about that.
  • Changed batteries on a couple of Aqara sensors, tried to figure out why zigbee2mqtt keeps dropping another set.
  • Investigated adding an ADXL345 accelerometer to using a tiny 2040. Sketched out a very rough 3D model for a mounting bracket to attach it to printer beds and toolheads.

Tuesday, 2023-01-10

Busy day. Didn’t have time to do much but solving problems.

  • Wasted nearly an hour investigating why my MacBook Pro suddenly refused to connect to my LG Ultrawide when my iPad Pro and Thinkpad worked fine, eventually realized it was due to the new cable I had bought to test .
  • Revisited a Raft protocol implementation in Thespian I had done some 6 years ago.
  • Wrote a new version of my EXIF/HEIC photo filing script and ran some tests.
  • Noticed and filed #388.

Wednesday, 2023-01-11

Lots of focus time, plus a brief outing.

  • Noticed and filed #393 in Takahē.
  • Marathon session of Oxide and Friends during chores and inbox zero time (best geek “talk radio” on the planet).
  • Wrote some as exercise (trying to set a new habit). Investigated cross-compiling, looked at resulting binary with arm-elf-objdump.
  • Resumed modeling a replacement bottom inset for the Vodafone/Sagem ONT I have been meaning to mount into my network closet for months now.

Thursday, 2023-01-12

Pretty fragmented day, but lots of 15-minute tasks done.

  • Set up Sendgrid so that my test Takahē instance can send password recovery e-mails and invited a few friends to test it.
  • Noticed and filed #400 in Takahē.
  • Closed my Google Cloud billing account.
  • Upgraded my PaaS VM so that it can be scaled up to support more applications with modern nodejs.
  • Did a partial print of the router bottom inset piece and tuned retraction and support interface on the .
  • Investigated using cgroup-opt in uwsgi for partitioning workloads in Piku. Stumbled upon #2504 and #2180 in various ways before realizing uwsgi just doesn’t work well with cgroups v2.

Friday, 2023-01-13

A late afternoon outing to run various errands after work and minor indisposition, so not much free time altogether.

  • Futzed about with various cgroup management options, none of which I was happy with.
  • Wrote a little more for practice.
  • Did another test print of router bottom inset using Voronoi lattices to save on material and print time. Still needs some fine tuning.
Things are still a few millimeters off.

Saturday, 2023-01-14

Spent the day focusing on personal stuff.

  • Inbox zero. Tried to follow up on lost RoyalMail package and a pending AliExpress parts order.
  • Sorted out personal calendar for the next week.
  • Tweaked my EXIF filing script to handle .cr2 and .dng files.
  • Finally triaged and organized all of my photos from 2021 and 2022.
  • Wrote up on batch photo handling.
  • Tried on my to check out Proton 7.0.

Sunday, 2023-01-15

Slept well, for a change. Completely forgot it was until I posted these.

  • Did some minor site cleanups.
  • Re-tagged some old music files with .
  • Renewed some of my domains into 2027.
  • Added another domain to my instance for testing.
  • Deployed an Odoo instance in Piku to see how viable it would be to bootstrap a small business, found it was still too nerfed for my liking.
  • Read The Economist.
  • Looked into job market data from various sources.
  • Spent a little while belatedly dabbling with synthesizers.
  • Built a draft flow to post RSS items to Mastodon.
  • Collated and posted these notes.

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