Notes for February 13-19

More 3D printing, hardware, and general lack of sleep.

Monday, 2023-02-13

Back to the grind. Decided to go back to my setup for a few days.

  • Did my usual ritual tidying up of office before work.
  • Installed a Guacamole RDP proxy to allow remote access to my without a desktop RDP client. Was a bit amazed at how dog slow it is compared to a native RDP client when talking to an xrdp server.
  • Turned on Wake-on-USB on my ’s BIOS and made sure I could power it on/off remotely using the .
  • Did a little more 3D modelling stuff in the evening to relax.
  • Finished last week’s The Economist.

Tuesday, 2023-02-14

I could never get the hang of Tuesdays.

  • Added a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module and doubled the RAM on my .
  • Figured out a hack to get mstsc.exe to upscale properly in HIDPI mode: Just copy the binary, right-click it, and fiddle with compatibility mode settings.
  • Printed the filament holder arm I’ve been designing:
Not the prettiest design in the world, but it is load bearing and saves me a ton of space.

Not particularly happy with the way standard supports print in PETG, though. Can’t wait for to be updated with tree supports.

Wednesday, 2023-02-15

Very, very early morning calls, which does not jive with having two consecutive evenings of meetings past 10PM.

  • Cleaned up the source for my filament spool support and published it on GitHub.
  • Spent a little while trying to get xorgxrdp-glamor on my to use the NVIDIA GPU rather than the Xe iGPU inside an unprivileged container “the right wayTM“. May have to run my own X server build.
  • Directly migrated one of my LXD containers (my lovely ) into , with great success:
I love this theme--computer UIs have lost so much character.
  • As an indirect outcome, had an unamusing time trying to get VA-API working only to realize that it was ’s fault (which I promptly fixed via RPM Fusion).
  • Fiddled with Bumblebee, which seemed promising but relies on a standard X server.
  • Paid bills, did paperwork of various descriptions.

Thursday, 2023-02-16

Routine medicals, some errands to run.

  • Since there is a long weekend coming up, decided to hedge my bets by setting up Windows in a secondary SSD and getting Steam installed.
  • Managed to try out Steam Link over lunch break. The performance on the Apple TV 4K is OK, and the PiKVM makes it a breeze to go back to a “work” configuration.
  • Started pulling together my notes on the new machine.

Friday, 2023-02-17

A long week of late night and breakfast-time calls finally took its toll–spent most of the day sleepily catching up on e-mail and pretty much trudged through the afternoon.

  • Tried to proactively tidy the office before the long weekend, because I just know I’m going to be leaving tools all over the place again.
  • I’ve let my stuff fall behind, but took 2 minutes to update my instance to support importing/exporting followers.
  • To unwind after work, tried Steam Link on the , which made Horizon Zero Dawn look amazing. Back-to-back NVIDIA encoding tricks, I suppose.

Saturday, 2023-02-18

Zoned out and spent the day reading, writing, fiddling with my new machine and doing chores.

  • Read most of this week’s The Economist.
  • Investigated that nemesis of gaming parenting, Nintendo Switch joycon replacement parts.
  • Migrated more containers and VMs into to free up rogueone.
  • Wrote up and published .

Sunday, 2023-02-19

Finally, a slow(ish) day to clear out my backlog.

  • Personal inbox zero.
  • Migrated my RSS feed collector/translator/enricher off Oracle Cloud into Azure.
  • Began prep work to move my instance there as well.
  • Fiddled with Steam Link a bit more.
  • Did some more reading, research and a little gaming–in PICO-8.
  • Cleaned up and published these notes.