Given , I decided to start keeping track of ActivityPub-related resources and software (both clients and servers):


Category Date Link Runtime Notes
Blog Engines 2023-01 WriteFreely Go

A simplified blogging platform. Supplies prebuilt binaries and supports SQLite

Clients 2023-02 IceCubesApp Swift

An Open Source SwiftUI client

2022-11 toot Python

A decent CLI/TUI client

MetaText iOS

my current go-to, runs on iOS and M1 Macs and has a very simple, streamlined UX

Marketing ActivityPub Landing Page

Nothing much here.

Reference Mastodon Client API

Fairly comprehensive.

Activity Streams 2.0

To be honest, the protocol seems horrendously inneficient, but at least it’s documented. Sort of.

Servers 2023-01 wildebeest TypeScript

Based on Cloudflare PaaS

epicyon Python

an intriguing server with a flat file back-end and blogging features

2022-12 Akkoma Elixir

A fork of Pleroma that is actively maintained, and includes quoting

Takahē Python

Django-based, multi-domain support.

2022-11 snac C

A minimalistic, UNIX philosophy Fediverse server

PixelFed PHP

a specialized, photo-oriented service

GoToSocial Go

A very nice, efficient and lighweight (but unfinished) ActivityPub server

2022-10 docker-mastodon Docker

LinuxServer containers, updated regularly

Docker Hub (Mastodon)

Official image

2018-09 Mastodon Ruby

the dubiously default runtime, heavily reliant on Sideqik and Postgres

Pleroma Elixir

An opinionated, stable Mastodon-compatible server

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