Notes for January 02-08

This is an abridged list of the non-work things I accomplished this week.

Monday, 2023-01-02

US Holiday break, so very slow day.

  • Cleaned up office, desk and shelves.
  • Sorted through my lingering hardware project boxes and prioritized what needs to be redesigned/soldered in the coming weeks.
  • Upgraded on my and set up a dedicated repository for macros.
  • Built a little toy project.

Tuesday, 2023-01-03

Spent a part of the morning running various errands, and later:

  • Mounted a new G10/FR4/fiberglass build plate on my . Also tightened down the Z-axis on the and re-aligned it.
  • Drafted a list to RSS flow and set it up in staging to share with friends.
  • Printed a Gridfinity MK8/V6 printer nozzle box in Sunlu PETG on my .
  • Upgraded the house zigbee2mqtt instance to 1.29.0, which regretfully is still buggy where it regards letting random devices drop off the network.
  • Tried Logseq and didn’t like the fact that it cannot cope with iOS filesystem providers and seems to be headed down the proprietary/paid syncing service route.
  • Hacked a minimal ag replacement for :
# Drop this into ~/Documents/bin and chmod +x it
if [ $# -ne 0 ]; then
  find . -type f -exec grep -in "$1" {} \; -print
  echo "usage: ag <string>"

Wednesday, 2023-01-04

Brief outing to pick up a repaired Intel MacBook.

  • Completed one Oxide and Friends podcast episode during outing.
  • Set up MacBook admin account and before handing it over.
  • Added reblogged media to Mastodon list feed generator and deployed it in production behind the new piku cache feature that I added over holiday break.
  • Printed two better nozzle boxes in Red PLA on the .
  • Tried to figure out Azure Functions output bindings in the new v2 progamming model–there is still no sample code for queue, blob and table bindings, and those are critical for my use case.
  • Tried to tune Sunlu PETG on the
  • Backed up settings to .
  • Backed up Klipper settings to Azure.

Thursday, 2023-01-05

More errands, some music stuff in the evening.

  • Completed another Oxide and Friends podcast episode.
  • Tested disassembled MacBook 12 “adorable” logic board (not working again, looks like bad connector). Ordered a new USB connector from eBay.
  • Upgraded my Headless firmware to 2.7.8 (using Windows, because UART support is broken on Chromium). Wrote little ditty on it over lunch.
  • Fixed start G-code in .
  • Repackaged sunvox for the Pi 4 and contributed patch upstream.
  • Finally printed a useful piece with Sunlu PETG on the .
  • Began designing a Gridfinity 4mm hex bit holder in .
  • Bought SAGA Synth and noodled with it.
  • Updated my install to 4.4.6.

Friday, 2023-01-06

Vodafone turned a scheduled intervention during the wee hours of Friday into a several hour long fiber outage, which in turn nearly turned this into a fully offline day. Fortunately, I quite like working on the corporate remote desktop from my iPad, and have friends in networked places.

  • Updated my .
  • Tried Sunlu matte white PLA (which I term “the PLA from hell” since it prints badly and is so chalky it clogs my machines). Promptly clogged the extruder and decided to disassemble the whole thing over lunch.
  • Changed nozzle to a Chinese CHT clone.
  • Removed PTFE-lined heat-break and swapped it with an all-metal one.
  • Successful “faster” 0.2mm layer height print on with CHT clone nozzle, red PLA (still with Marlin firmware).
  • Draft printed a cross-section of the 4mm hex bit box for test fitting. Cleaned up file and adjusted tolerances.
  • Got Sunlu matte white PLA from hell to print on .
  • Found long-missing alcohol spritzer, wiped down a new, textured, black G10/FR4 build plate and replaced the green one on the .

Saturday, 2023-01-07

Weekly outing for shopping. Still managed to get some stuff done:

  • Added preliminary Markdown support to blog table renderer.
  • Updated site builder dependencies, regression tested.
  • Asked E3D about an order and why Royal Mail still shows it as uncollected. Apparently Royal Mail cannot do its one job, even after strikes ceased.
  • Enabled Redis caching on test instance, updated post.
  • Futzed a bit more with the dash shell inside .
  • Tidied up piku issues and PRs a bit.
  • Tried to get a test project going on arm64.

Sunday, 2023-01-08

A quiet day spent reading most of this week’s edition of The Economist, having a family lunch and other stuff:

  • Printed a few adaptors on at 0.1mm layer height.
  • Tested new backup Huawei LTE router with Vodafone SIM, got 70Mbps downstream indoors (which is OK if another fiber outage happens), tested manual failover from fiber to it.
  • Printed hex bit holder with Sunlu matte white PLA from hell on Prusa (twice, at at 0.4 and 0.3mm layer height, because 0.4 had bad layer adhesion).
  • Removed akkoma LXC from , started setting up new test environments for piku.
  • Hacked together a small .stl viewer with ThreeJS.
  • Wrote and sanitized these notes.

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