Dirtywave M8 Tracker

The Dirtywave M8 is a Teensy-based device that provides a tracker-like interface for music creation in a portable device.

Its firmware is freely available and can be run on a standalone Teensy 4.1 (which negates a lot of the advantages of having standalone hardware, but makes for a very nice teaser to assess if it is the right tool for you), and that has inspired a number of breakaway projects.


Category Date Link Notes
Hardware 2024 How to add a 5-pin DIN MIDI out to the M8

a guide to add a MIDI out port to the M8 headless


a 3D printed keyboard for the M8 headless

Instruments m8-tracker-instruments

a collection of instruments for the M8 tracker

Software M8 Web Display

a web-based front-end for the M8 headless that allows for firmware upgrades


a forked, optimized display renderer


a way to use a Raspberry Pi as a front-end for the headless version


a port of m8c to Anbernic 351 devices (apparently only working in ArkOS)


a cross-platform SDL UI, which has a fork that allows for remote control over the network


an adaptation for the PiBoy


a Go-based UI


an Android front-end with gamepad support

Little Sound DJ

the main source of inspiration for it

Source Code LittleGPTracker

source code for LGPT


source code for the M8 Web Display

Tools m8-js

A JavaScript library for parsing M8 files

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