The language that helped coin the moniker Rust Evangelism Strike Force, and which is slowly starting to get to me.


Category Date Link Notes
Data 2021 ballista

an Apache Spark-like distributed execution environment

2023 lance

a modern columnar data format that is optimized for ML workflows and datasets, compatible with pandas

GUI 2024 dioxus

GUI library for desktop, web, mobile, and more, using the system webview

Game Engines 2020 Bevy

a data-driven game engine


a scripting language for Rust game development


a 3D game engine

Libraries kay

an actor system for Rust


a platform for building actor systems running WebAssembly


Markdown paraer


A family of CRDT’s supporting both State and Op based replication


Syntax highlighting using Sublime Text definitions

2021 bastion

a distributed fault-tolerant runtime system


a Rust port of cmark-gfm

2023 ratatui

a library for developing text user interfaces


an actor library

Parallelism 2020 rayon

a data parallelism library

Profiling heaptrack

a memory profiler

Reference 2023 The Rust on ESP Book

A very nice guide on how to do Rust development for Expressif ESP32 devices

Servers 2022 meilisearch

another search engine with document-level access control


another search engine (Lucene-inspired)


a fast and schema-less indexing/search backend

Tools 2020 rust-musl-builder

Docker wrappers for building Rust binaries with musl

2021 tauri

an Electron alternative that uses system webviews

2022 mcfly

an enhanced ctrl-r replacement

2024 zoxide

a port of the venerable z utility to Rust

Web Frameworks 2023 Rocket

a mostly complete async web framework

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