The MacBook was the successor to the iBook range, just as the MacBook Pro became the replacement for the PowerBook. And the first editions came in black:

The range was completely redesigned on 2008-10-14, upgrading the consumer line to most of the specs of the former Pro range:

…but on 2009-06-08, the entry-level unibody model was recast as part of the Pro range, leaving only the white polycarbonate model under the MacBook name. There are teardowns here and here.

That was then re-designed on 2009-10-20 to get a new, curvier look:

Finally, the range became effectively extinct on 2012-06-11, with the unveiling of a new Retina-enabled Pro and seriously revamped Airs

Previously, the older plastic range had been refreshed on 2007-11-01, replacing the dated GMA 950 with a GMA X1300 video chipset as part of its Santa Rosa revamp.

Here’s the baseline architecture for the original revision:


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