See also Emulation.


Category Date Link Target Lang Notes
Engines 2018 Phaser HTML5 JavaScript heavily oriented towards web and mobile
Superpowers TypeScript Standalone IDE, uses TypeScript to develop HTML5 games
cocos2d-x any C++ Platform-independent C++ engine with per-platform layers.
Sparrow iOS Obj-C the iOS-centric cousin to Starling
Starling any ActionScript An ActionScript-based game engine that can be used with FlashDevelop
GDevelop N/A Cross-platform, runs on Linux
Godot Engine C#, C++, GDScript Relies on a proprietary language called GDscript, but also supports C# and C++
2017 Unity 3D C# arguably the most popular solution out there right now
2016 LOVE lua A 2D game engine for Lua
Games Older Quake the game. Accept no substitutes, only upgrades.
Retrospec a team of people porting old games to modern platforms (including the Mac)