See also Emulation. The following table lists some game development resources I’ve been gathering over the years:


Category Date Link Target Lang Notes
Engines 2020 ct.js a 2D game editor for web games
TIC-80 HTML5 Lua another fantasy computer platform
2019 PICO-8 Wonderfully versatile
BlitzMax a cross-platform runtime with its own language
frt a Godot runtime for the Raspberry Pi
SCRIPT-8 HTML5 JavaScript A nice PICO-8 alternative for live web coding
2018 Godot Engine any C#, C++, GDScript Relies on a proprietary language called GDscript, but also supports C# and C++
Phaser HTML5 JavaScript heavily oriented towards web and mobile
Superpowers TypeScript Standalone IDE, uses TypeScript to develop HTML5 games
cocos2d-x any C++ Platform-independent C++ engine with per-platform layers.
Sparrow iOS Obj-C the iOS-centric cousin to Starling
Starling any ActionScript An ActionScript-based game engine that can be used with FlashDevelop
GDevelop N/A Cross-platform, runs on Linux
2017 Unity 3D C# arguably the most popular solution out there right now
2016 LOVE lua A 2D game engine for Lua
Defold Lua The game IDE is written in Clojure
Games Older Quake the game. Accept no substitutes, only upgrades.
Retrospec a team of people porting old games to modern platforms (including the Mac)
Models 2020 Platformer Kit a free model kit to build platform games
Tools Materialize A material generator that works from photographs
Pixaki a iOS pixel art editor
Aesprite a cross-platform sprite editor

Note: Godot Engine and Unity resources have been moved to their own pages.