The Mac is 30. But, alas, other things impinged upon me recently.

First off, my enthusiasm towards computers is at somewhat of a low point. The past couple of weeks I experienced blurred vision and sore eyes, initially attributed to too much late night reading, but lately diagnosed as a local allergic reaction to something in my environment1.

A few eyedrops (and a few days sitting in a couple of different places at the office) soon set me right, but I eventually came down with a nasty flu (courtesy of my kids) and had an even nastier reaction to the antibiotics, so this last week was mostly spent reading and waiting things out2.

Still, for future reference, here’s the list of Macintosh models I used, in rough chronological order:

  • Plus
  • SE/30
  • Mac II (e IIfx)
  • Portable
  • LC II
  • PowerBook
  • Quadra 950
  • PowerMac 8100
  • Classic (build a working one out of two that were scrapped)
  • PowerBook G3
  • iMac (Bondi)
  • PowerMac G3
  • (clamshell)
  • G3 (the first one I bought for myself, which is still around)
  • G4 (had one on load for half a year or so)
  • G5
  • (black)
  • (several generations)
  • (unibody)
  • (also several generations)

It all started soon before going into college, and now that I look at it, it’s a pretty long list. And these are the ones I sat before and used to do stuff like learning to code, create various sorts of projects in MacroMedia Director (remember that? here’s a nice retrospective on it) and, ultimately, doing everything I ever needed to do on a computer.

I’ve been wishing the next one to be an Air for a couple of years now, but the has been working out well for me and, of course, computing has changed tremendously – I no longer need to have all the computing power I require sitting on my lap or on my desk, but am content in reaching out to use it via the network.

  1. I personally blame the crap AC at the office, which we can’t easily turn off – after decades in “smart” buildings, a pattern has emerged that entails my always getting some sort of allergy or prolonged reaction during winter, and wish the murderous thing were significantly dumbed down or entirely removed. ↩︎

  2. I’m now at the clogged sinuses and coughing stage, which should last me another week or so. Oh joy. ↩︎