Summer Break Blues

With summer break being nearly over, it’s now pretty obvious that it is not nearly enough time for even half the stuff I wanted to do. As an European I do enjoy my twenty-plus days of paid vacation, but this year I sorely needed to splurge. I did manage to have some fun…

Over the past few weeks, I managed to mostly forget about and spent most of my waking hours relaxing, fiddling with 3D printers, traipsing through not , but versions of Hyrule1 (as well as ) and musing about various topics, most of which involved updating my notes in several pages:

  • coding and (with a by now traditional peek at the status quo, including ).
  • Coding (and ) various flavors of for fun.
  • Poking at Supercollider and my to figure out how to do some processing (, low-level coding and MCUs are still a sweet spot for me).
  • And keeping tabs on the hype while focusing on practicality whenever possible.

Besides the updates on all of those pages, this means there are quite a few early few drafts on many of the above topics–some of which will find their way here.

I also tried to catch up on (selected) TV (Moopsie!) and spent a lot of time reading on the beach and in the evenings. Altogether I think I read a book every three days on average (plus The Economist and a couple of manuals, which I don’t count as “books”). That’s pretty good considering the lack of enthusiasm for entertainment I was feeling earlier in the year.

Right now, however, my focus is on getting through this last weekend without falling into the temptation of cracking open my work inbox (or anything that might require me to ponder future intrusions into my personal time).

  1. I haven’t as yet finished either, but that’s mostly because I like to take in the sights and do most of the side quests. ↩︎

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