The stuff you hear, like , , WAV, and suchlike.

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Audio Background Music

An interesting macOS utility that automatically pauses your music player when a second audio source is playing and unpauses the player when the second source has stopped.

macOS Blackhole

a pass-through audio driver for macOS, reminiscent of Soundflower

Language Multiple alda

A Clojure-backed music programming language

Live Coding Extempore

another LISP-like music environment


a platform for audio synthesis and algorithmic composition


a Clojure environment for Supercollider

Sonic Pi

A live coding environment with its own language

Synths Linux Bristol

a set of synth emulators spanning many old-school analog synths


an old-school all-digital 4-oscillator subtractive polyphonic synthesizer

Multiple VCVRack

Eurorack synth emulator (most interesting modules are commercial, but many are free)


a modular synth/tracker combo that runs on most mobile and desktop platforms

VST Mac Podolski

straightforward analogue synth

Multiple Helm
Tyrell N6
DSK Overture

an interesting orchestral sounds VST

TODO: move some of these back into .

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