Artificial Intelligence

This page is a reference table for resources I’m keeping tabs on.

That grand, spacious (and long ignored) branch of computing that, these days, deals not just with thinking machines (so-called “hard” AI), but mostly with enhancing the usefulness of machines in general by exploring mechanisms to express and manipulate harvested knowledge.

Or just pretty pictures and weird chatbots.


Field Category Date Link Notes
General Frameworks 2023-05 marvin

A generic wrapper for various AI APIs

Jupyter 2023-04 jupyter-ai

an official Jupyter plugin that can handle multiple AI back-ends (although it seems less flexible than the others right now)

Libraries 2023-03 ml-ane-transformers

Apple’s transformers library, optimized for the Neural Engine

2009-06 Alchemy

A toolkit providing a series of algorithms for statistical relational learning and probabilistic logic inference, based on Markov logic representation

Techniques 2022-12 awesome-chatgpt-prompts

might be a short-lived resource, but an interesting one

Tools 2023-05 explainerdashboard

a web app that explains the workings of a (scikit-learn compatible) machine learning model

2023-04 basaran

An Open-Source alternative to the OpenAI text completion API, with a compatible streaming API for privately hosted models.

2023-03 NVIDIA Triton Inference Server

A high-performance inference server

2022-12 Project Bumblebee

Pre-trained and transformer neural models in Elixir.

Generative Audio models 2023-04 bark

a text-prompted genereative audio model

Large Language Models Frameworks 2023-05 langchain

a composable approach for building LLM applications


Control modern language models more effectively and efficiently than traditional prompting or chaining.

Jupyter 2023-04 LLMBook

A VS Code notebook interface for LLMs


a Jupyter plugin that can handle code generation and image generation, but not switching models (GPT-4)


a Jupyter plugin that can handle code generation and fixes based on tracebacks


a Jupyter plugin that can handle multiple models

Libraries 2023-05 guardrails

a package for validating and correcting the outputs of large language models

Models 2023-04 turbopilot

a GitHub CoPilot replacement that can run locally (CPU only)

Reference 2023-03 Using LLaMA with M1 Mac

Manual instructions for Apple Silicon

Resources 2023-04 awesome-decentralized-llm

a collection of LLM resources that operate independently

Tools 2023-05 ChainForge

a visual programming environment for benchmarking prompts across multiple LLMs


a node-based GUI for quick iteration of langchain flows

2023-04 Auto-GPT

an attempt to provide ChatGPT with a degree of autonomy

2023-03 dalai

An automated installer for LLaMA


A C++ port of Facebook’s LLaMA model. Still requires roughly 240GB of (unoptimized) weights, but can run on a 64GB Mac.


A GPU-focused Python wrapper for LLaMa


A way to do LoRA adaptation of LLaMa


a more or less sensibly designed self-hosted ChatGPT UI


A way to quickly create custom embeddings off a web site


a CLI wrapper for ChatGPT


a way to quantize the LLaMA weights to 4-bit


A Rust port of llama.cpp


Another way to do LoRA adaptation of LLaMa

NeRFs 2022-12 nerfstudio

A tool for manipulating Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) and rendering the scenes out as video

Speech Recognition Models whisper

a general purpose speech recognition model

2022-02 whisper.cpp

a C++ implementation of whisper that can run in consumer hardware

Stable Diffusion Apps 2023-03 swift-coreml-diffusers

Hugging face’s own app, using Swift and CoreML for Apple Silicon

2022-11 Draw Things

Pre-packaged app for iOS, downloads and allows re-use of .ckpt files.


Pre-packaged app for macOS (M1 and Intel)

CGI 2023-03 Blender-ControlNet

A Blender plugin to generate ControlNet inputs for posing figures

2022-12 dream-textures

A Blender plugin for texturing models based on a text description.

Models 2023-03 Upscale Model Database

Too wide a choice, perhaps

2022-12 Fast Stable Diffusion

Another tactic to accelerate inference

CoreML Stable Diffusion

Apple’s optimizations for CoreML

Tools 2023-03 ComfyUI

pretty impressive node-based UI


A polished UI

2022-11 imaginAIry

Works well on Apple Silicon, pure CLI interface to all SD models. Does not reuse .ckpt files, however, so requires separate disk cache.

2022-08 Stable Diffusion WebUI

Nearly always the best, bleeding edge WebUI for SD

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