The Ultralight Stack

This wiki page is a stub for a list of tools that I can use to set up and run lightweight environments on low-end ARM devices.


Category Date Link Notes
Editors 2023 Lite XL

A very fast and efficient editor written in Lua

Plugins lite-xl-terminal

a terminal plugin for Lite XL (Windows/Linux-only)

TUI walk

a nice terminal-based file manager

Terminals foot

Among other things, this supports Sixel images

Web Services Mako Server/BAS Amalgamated

A Lua-based server that uses a more conventional stack


This is an all-in-one server that uses its own JS engine, SQL engine, full-text search, etc. Very interesting except that it does not use sqlite and has some weird licensing, but seems very, very lightweight


an alternative JavaScript runtime with impressive speed, a decent set of OS primitives and first-class sqlite support.


a ZIP-embedded web server with Lua, SQLite, and MbedTLS

Window Management 2022 Sway

A minimalist tiling Wayland compositor that is a drop-in replacement for i3

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