This started out as a mere stub while I put together some more resources, and over the years became a quite large list of LISP/Scheme implementations I’m keeping an eye on (besides ).

Almost everybody has their own lisp implementation. Some programmers’ dogs and cats probably have their own lisp implementations as well. This is great, but too often I see people omit some of the obscure but critical features that make lisp uniquely wonderful. These include read macros like #. and backreferences, gensyms, and properly escaped symbol names. If you’re going to waste everybody’s time with yet another lisp, at least do it right damnit. (from the femtolisp README)


Category Date Link Notes
Common Lisp 2017 darkmatter A notebook-style LISP environment
2015 Ceramic An Electron wrapper for shipping desktop applications
2014 Clozure CL Fast, runs on ARM, compiles down to native code, uses threads
McCLIM A GUI toolkit for Common Lisp
SICL A modular implementation of Common Lisp for mixing and matching.
Compilers 2022 Picolisp an LLVM-backed runtime
2021 Kawa a Scheme that runs on the JVM
hedgehog LISP compiler and interpreter for embedded devices
ribbit small and portable Scheme implementation with AOT compilation and 4K footprint
phel a Clojure-inspired LISP that runs on top of PHP (of all things)
2020 wax A tiny programming language that transpiles to C, C++, Java, TypeScript, Python, C#, Swift, Lua and WebAssembly
eslisp a JavaScript preprocessor with sexps.
2019 Armed Bear An interpreter and compiler that runs on the JVM
Ferret A subset of Clojure that compiles down to C++ for embedded devices
Carp another LISP that compiles to C, designed to work well for interactive and performance sensitive use cases like games, sound synthesis and visualizations.
Chez Scheme a high-performance Scheme compiler
clojerl Clojure atop Erlang
zylisp An updated fork of gisp, an early compiler to
ale a LISP environment in Go
2018 gerbil Scheme a layer over Gambit
2016 rhine A Clojure-inspired LISP that targets LLVM
Fennel A compiler to
Cyclone Scheme Supports multiple native threads
Larceny Scheme Compiles to Intel and ARM machine code
Wasp LISP an interesting twist on special-purpose LISPs
Microscheme A compiler for the
Chicken Scheme One of the most well-known compilers
2015 chlorine A subset of Clojure that compiles to JavaScript
cormanlisp For Windows
2014 Hy Compiles down to AST, with full interop
Pharen Compiles to
Wisp Compiles to , with syntax
gisp Generates code via AST mapping mapping
psota A Clojure compiler that targets the PyPy JIT
l2l A compiler to
Editors 2019 lem a configurable editor with an optional Electron front-end
Interpreters 2022 L1 A LISP interpreter written in Go
2021 armpit Scheme an ancient R7RS interpreter
S7 Scheme a TinyScheme variant designed for embedding into other projects
arpilisp A LISP interpreter for the Raspberry Pi, implemented in a single file of ARM assembly.
planck A stand-alone ClojureScript REPL for macOS and Linux based on JavaScriptCore.
fe an 800 LOC C interpreter
Blisp statically typed, implemented in Rust
sectorlisp A LISP interpreter that fits into a 512 byte boot sector
#Script Lisp a .NET scripting LISP
2020 newLISP Another interpreter
femtolisp a tiny interpreter written in C
wisp a tiny C++ implementation
Janet a modernized LISP dialect with good C interop and a single standalone runtime binary
2019 Kilo Lisp a tiny interpreter
schemy a .NET embeddable Scheme interpreter
Joker a Clojure interpreter written in Go
2017 lumen A hosted LISP for Lua and Javascript
2016 s9fes A well-documented interpreter that can run on
uLisp An interpreter for the
2014 IronScheme Runs atop the .NET DLR
pixie An RPython-based lightweight LISP
glisp An embeddable interpreter that compiles to bytecode
Libraries 2020 puny-gui a GUI toolkit for Janet
r-cade a Racket library for doing simple retro-style games
2019 scheme-lib A set of libraries for Chez
thunderchez More libraries for Chez Scheme
Reference 2021 Common Lisp Quick Reference ten-page concise, printable reference
Practical Common Lisp full online book
The Common Lisp Cookbook community maintained
Tools slimv a SLIME equivalent for vim
Alive VS Code extension
2019 chez-exe A tool to generate standalone executables with Chez
UI 2021 clog A web-based GUI library for Common Lisp

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