One of my pursuits of yore and for ever more (in the sense that I stopped short of joining the Conservatorium and that I still maintain a somewhat active - if diffuse - interest in it).


Category Date Link Notes
Books 2020 Fundamentals of Piano Practice Lots of pracice tips (and tuning of physical pianos)
DAWs Non a lightweight DAW for Linux
2020-01 Waveform Free free DAW that runs on Linux (including the Raspberry Pi)
Editors 2021 MuseScore likely the best open source music score editor out there
Instruments 2019-12 Layers free orchestral music VST
2020 minibit a VST for chiptune instruments
SunVox a cross-platform modular synth that includes a tracker
2020-05 Zebralette free VST
PianoBook Free downloadable EXS24 and Kontakt sampled instruments (mostly pianos)
2021 a pretty popular free VST for Mac, Windows and Linux
Patches MobileMusic Pro Free Packs covers multiple iOS apps
PatchStorage Patches and samples for a number of iOS apps, including Moog synths.
Northern Film Orchestra Orchestral Swells a set of orchestral samples for Kontakt and DecentSampler
Samples 2020 BBC sound effects copyrighted but free for personal/educational use
Scores 2019-06 El Atril free sheet music
Mutopia Free classical and contemporary sheet music
2020 IMSLP The Petrucci Public Domain Music Library
The Mayron Cole Piano Method has a number of simple piano scores for kids
Synths Vital MPE support
Tools 2019-06 Musical Chord Progression Arpeggiator
2020 NeuralDX7 a neural network that generates DX7 sysex patches
ADLplug a VST that provides a number of FM synth plugins to emulate YMF26XX chips
RNNoise VST no builds for macOS
stochas a plugin/VST for stochastic pattern generation
Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard useful for monitoring device or as a source image for video overlays
Blue Cat Freeware Plugins a set of free VST/AUs for both Mac and Windows, including a frequency analyzer
2021 Elk Audio OS A Linux distro with a low-latency kernel and Raspberry Pi support for audio HATs

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