My New Phone

Incidentally, I’m taking a short break from work and decided to leave my at the office.

Instead, I went and got myself a nice phone with a dark, polished display framed in a rounded metal bezel.

It runs a WebKit-based browser, opens PDFs, perfectly with my , and… has HSDPA.

Oh yeah – real nice. Much nicer than I expected, actually.

Update: Yes, I was being a tease. What, you really believed I’d do anything that went against my ?

Anyway, as Nevyn initially surmised, it is a spanking new 3rd Edition device that, besides the above, happens to be able to do cut and paste and (unlike the ) maintain a data connection while on a call.

Fortunately, I got one that doesn’t need to reboot when changing from GSM to like . The e-mail client on it , but I won’t be needing it for a few days (I gleefully removed support on Saturday morning).

I still like SonyEricsson best, but recent initiative towards providing halfway-decent support is starting to win me over (a quick win over SonyEricsson’s inexistent strategy in that field).

That, of course, still has to be weighed against their devices’ asinine tendency to display “Out of memory” messages routinely.

Is Finland running short on RAM chips or something? seems to have no issues in that regard.

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