Bundled Randomness

Had a pretty good time today, starting with a 4Km walk by the sea with periodic reports from the nice lady that lives inside my Nike+iPod kit (which reminds me, I find it somewhat odd that you can’t easily pick a podcast as your entertainment for light exercise – it’s doable, but finicky).

On the way back from a light lunch, I decided to invest in a 1GB Micro-SD card for the phone, which has to be a first. I’m seldom tempted into buying add-ons for phones, but it goes to show you how much that particular Nokia has impressed me so far.

Although I’ve yet to wade through today’s iPhone madness, I have also made some headway into re-structuring the iPhone Timeline into something a bit more manageable which will find its way online soon – I’m moving stuff around behind the scenes in an attempt to better organize content, and am not in a hurry to keep abreast of the news.

And although there are a few things I’ve found to be of interest amidst all the hype, tales of sheer bliss and the odd AT&T activation woes, so far David Weiss has the best, absolutely spot-on summary.

In the other extreme, the most detailed (and technically sound) review I could find so far is this one. If you’re not in the mobile business and just want a hype shot, feel free to skip it.

But back to real life for a bit. A good while back, I asked for book recommendations, mostly to try and escape the self-perpetuating vortex of Sci-Fi and technical books I kept getting sucked into.

Well, I’m still going through all the suggestions, and although I can’t at the moment recall who suggested it to me (I’m traveling, and don’t have all my e-mail with me for the sake of sanity), The Coffee Trader by David Liss is turning out to be an excellent book – many thanks!