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Apr 12th

The Gap

Forgive me, Internet, for I haven’t written any code in nearly a month.

Well, actually I have (every other day or so), but nothing of consequence. Nor have I paid news of the Apple Watch (or other baubles) more than a cursory glance, although I have been coming round to the notion that wrist notifications (but on something like the Pebble Time) might actually be handy.

Due to real-life circumstances (including work, which currently revolves around other things like assessing IaaS solutions and figuring out how best to do stuff atop them), my free time has largely been spent binge reading (Goodreads turned out to be addictive, in a way), trying to fill in the gaps in my knowledge of music theory (yes, yes, there is code involved), playing the piano (embarrassingly badly) and trying to get back into photography.

Related to the latter, and given that Apple has bestowed upon us a brand new Photos app, I decided to wade through my archives (since 2000 or so) and start tossing into iCloud everything that looked halfway decent with an eye towards rebuilding my Flickr portfolio.

All in all, it’s not bad. It’s certainly better than iPhoto, with which I’ve wrestled for ages:

(Yes, that’s from nearly ten years ago.)

I’m not going to change my current workflow (which relies on Dropbox for aggregating everything and jhead for filing), but I like the clean, uncluttered interface, the way it syncs (although I worry that it will eat into the very limited storage I have on my iPad, it’s nice to be able to do some triage on it) and the fact that it finally, at long last, actually lets me just publish to Flickr without undue hassle (so far)1.

I’m not so keen on the editing tools (they are competent, but lack finesse), but then again I never believed in doctoring reality too much2.

As to my portfolio, it’s somewhat messy right now (I will eventually get down to culling it), but I’m hoping it’ll shape up — it’s been a long while since I took photography even halfway seriously, but it might be time to go back.

  1. And Facebook, too, of all things. 

  2. Well, unless I was doing Marketing. 

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