Notes for April 8-14

In short, I spent a fair chunk of my time dabbling with LLMs again, but also still dealing with shifting priorities at work.

As noted , iGPU compute is still fraught with issues–and the apparent bottleneck in data transfer between CPU and GPU plus fragmentation when reserving memory doesn’t help, so I’ll be going back to SBCs for a little while.

Other than that, progress on my projects has been much slower–I did redesign and print a case for a second , but it’s been quite hard to find enough free time to get interesting stuff done.

iGPU Compute and LLMs on the AceMagic AM18

As part of my forays into LLMs and GPU compute “on the small” I’ve been playing around with the AceMagic AM18 in a few unusual ways. If you missed my , you might want to check them out first.


Notes for April 1-7

Guess what, anyway. Easter Break helped reset my expectations towards work and this week I managed to get back into the swing of things, with a fair bit of writing and documentation work done on my own time.


The Keychron K7 Max

This one is going to be a bit of a nostalgia trip, so bear with me.


The Bunnies Are Loose

Easter break was a bit different this year, but we still managed to pop over to the countryside for a (wet) couple of days.


Taking a Break From Spherical Cows

I have been having a highly unusual couple of weeks (which included recovering from a bout of food poisoning that hit the day after my ), and I am now taking a break from my usual routine to try to get some perspective on things.


The AceMagic AM18 Linux Gaming Experience

If you’ve been tracking my , you’ll know that I’ve been on the lookout for a small, powerful, and quiet Ryzen desktop and mini-server. I’ve been using a for almost three years now and it’s been a great experience, but I wanted to explore the desktop side of things, especially since my have shown that ARM-based servers are at an interesting inflection point for running small AI models, and I just had no real data on AMD‘s capabilities in that space.


On Notes, This Site and Other Things

Somewhat like , I decided to put my on hold again–just a bit earlier than Easter this time.


Notes for March 11-12

When things are so-so, they can always get worse. Much worse, often in multiple dimensions at once.


Notes for March 4-10

A busy, exhausting work week punctuated by surreal moments that shall remain forever .


The Orange Pi Zero 3

Around early February, I got a little extra something in the mail: An Orange Pi Zero 3, which is (yes, you guessed it) yet another single-board computer–not based on the RK3588, but on the AllWinner H618 SoC, which is a lower end quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 running at 1.5GHz:


Notes for February 26-March 3

Bit of a stressful week. Weather didn’t help, although I did get some random exercise in. Managed to get a lot done on personal terms despite multiple late night meetings.


A Review Of The Two Trees SK1

My journey into 3D printing started with a Prusa clone I built from a kit, and has moved forward in fits and starts. Last year into it, and now things have escalated yet again–for I have spent the past month testing the Two Trees SK1, a solid CoreXY machine that has the build quality and the open software stack I have been looking for:


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