Two Trees SK1 

The Two Trees SK1 is a 3D printer that I have been using since early February 2024 and .

It is a CoreXY machine with a 256×256×256mm print volume, direct drive extrusion and shipping with firmware.


Category Date Link Notes
Models 2024 Two Trees SK1 Base Plate STL

A base plate STL to include in SK1 print profiles

Mods Bowden tube guides

A set of guides for placing the Bowden tube differently

Fan Shroud with LED mountings

Allows you to mount Voron-style LEDs near the nozzle and makes it easier to remove for maintenance

120mm fan adapter for the mainboard

A mount for a 120mm fan to cool the mainboard

Aux fan holder

A mount for an auxiliary 12032 part fan

Anti-vibration feet

These take third-party rubber feet from the Bambu P1P

Webcam mount

A mount for the Creality K1 Webcam

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