Kubernetes (k8s)

This page is a stub under which I’ll be gathering more resources, but focusing on things I’m using or am interested in trying.


Category Date Link Notes
Authentication 2020 external-auth-server

an authentication server that supports OpenID Connect

Control Plane 2022 krustlet

Kubernetes Kubelet in Rust for running WASM

2023 microshift

A small form factor OpenShift/Kubernetes optimized for edge computing

Edge 2022 akri

extends the device plugin framework to support various hardware devices

Networking 2020 danm

Nokia’s “Damn, Another Network Manager!”, quite aptly named

2021 multus

a CNI plugin that can provide multiple network interfaces to pods (also a bit of a nightmare solution, sadly typical in modern 5G core deployments)

Paas 2023 kubero

a Heroku-like PaaS for K8s

Storage longhorn

a distributed block storage system for Kubernetes

Tools k9s

a TUI tool for managing clusters and deployments


a systemd backend for the virtual-kubelet that allows for creating pods as systemd units

Virtualization 2020 Orka

Orchestration of Mac VMs using Kubernetes

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