Notes for February 27-March 5

Playing catchup at various levels.

Monday, 2023-02-27

Long day.

  • Did some research on image formats and AI-driven compression optimization.
  • Got reacquainted with the , which I fiddled with for a bit in an attempt to start having fun with music again.
  • As a direct result, decided to succumb to gear acquisition syndrome and get something cheap to use as a dedicated DAW workstation.

Tuesday, 2023-02-28

Early day, brief outing.

  • Realized (belatedly) that multicast just doesn’t work on Windows at all like I need it to. Scrapped parts of my code and wrote another plain UDP fallback.
  • Played around with WASM to see how far I could go with a little test project.

Wednesday, 2023-03-01

No fun whatsoever was had in this day.

Thursday, 2023-03-02

Another day with late night calls.

  • Did some fiddling with –upgraded the NVIDIA drivers and migrated another container over.
  • Tweaked sizing for my instance from Standard_B2s to a Standard_B1ms, since CPU load is insignificant and I’ve set “lazy mode” on it and most co-located services, so it’s all running off cache and only spawning workers as needed.

Friday, 2023-03-03

Woke up at 5AM. Took the time to reorganize a few things.

  • Made a first pass at setting up a dedicated DAW box using a Celeron N5105 and… . Not entirely happy with the results performance-wise, especially given the OS overhead, so I installed on a secondary SSD and… it was overwhelmingly faster, even before realtime-setup and other tweaks.
  • Discovered still doesn’t work well with Wayland, which is a blocking issue for my current multi-desktop setup. Current workaround is to remember to log in to a standard X session in , which is sub-optimal.

Saturday, 2023-03-04

Moderate fun was had.

  • Personal inbox zero.
  • Spent a fair bit of time fiddling with and various VSTs. No actual music was made, but it was fun.
  • Figured out how to run Spitfire Audio’s VST installer under (it needs the dxvk package, which you can get via winetricks).
  • Hacked a workaround for stale connections in my home Snapdrop instance.

Sunday, 2023-03-05

Cleaning/rest day.

  • Read The Economist.
  • Spent a while unglamorously picking fluff from vacuum cleaner rollers with tweezers, which I sort of regret not having left until a work day since it was so cathartic.
  • Did some electrical work to wire a set of chargers under a secondary desk, including an Anker 737 120W brick that can fast charge two modern iPads or one laptop.
  • Got running on our Anbernic RG351MP, which means I now have a new music travel toy.
  • Printed some 3D models for kids’ school projects and taught sanding techniques.
  • Zoned out on Bad Gear videos.
  • Realized that a update broke PAM inside one of my LXC containers, and the only fix that restored the ability for a test user to ssh in (or for root to su into it) was commenting out pam_limits:
sed -i -r 's/^(session\s+required\\1/' /etc/pam.d/*
  • Cleaned up and posted these notes (twice, because I forgot a couple of things).