TIL: Barrier, a better Synergy

After using Synergy to drive one of my Surfaces alongside my Mac I was going nuts with the screensaver kicking in while I was on calls–my Mac would go idle and lock my Surface’s screen as well, blanking out the call.

It turned out that for some reason, Synergy doesn’t support disabling screensaver sync anymore (at least not in the license I have).

I initially tried editing the configuration file manually and the feature actually worked (despite not being surfaced in the GUI), but then the app would overwrite my settings upon quit.

Support couldn’t even figure out what I was talking about and asked me to “upgrade” to a version that wouldn’t even accept the setting anymore, So I replaced it with Barrier, which is a fork that, strangely enough, feels a lot more polished overall.

So if you’re still using Synergy 1.x, give it a try.

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