Clojure is a LISP dialect that targets the Java VM - but that also happens to have a number of other back-ends, including a JavaScript one.

Category Date Link Notes
Back-end 2019 calvin a built tool for ClojureScript
2018 clojerl Clojure atop the Erlang BEAM VM
2016 Ferret A Clojure to C++ compiler that can target Arduino-compatible microcontrollers
2013 rackjure A set of Clojure semantics ported to Racket
clojure-py A Python implementation that compiles down to bytecode (project is stalled, but may be useful as reference)
honeysql A SQL statement generator
ClojureM Another Objective-C compiler
clojurescript-lua A Lua back-end
clojurec This one targets both C and Objective-C
Cloud Tools 2015 cljs-lambda Leiningen plugin/template for running ClojureScript functions inside AWS Lambda
Data Science 2017 gorilla-repl Notebook style REPL with plotting features
clojupyter Jupyter notebook kernel
2015 Onyx Data processing framework
Sparkling Clojure API for Apache Spark
2014 PigPen A DSL that compiles down to Apache Pig
Parkour Clojure integration layer written directly against Hadoop
2013 Cascalog Querying library for Hadoop, inspired by Datalog
Incanter A set of statistical and graphical tools
classify A small text classifier using OpenNLP
clucy Lucene bindings
Databases 2019 codax a transactional, embedded database engine
Distributed Computing 2016 Chazel Hazelcast wrapper
hface Hazelcast cluster monitor
Graphics 2014 collage A high-level image processing library
Infoviz 2013 strokes An interop library for using D3, with samples
C2 A D3-like visualization library with a standalone bundle
Job Management 2016 resque-clojure A Resque clone.
byplay Background job queue atop PostgreSQL
Libraries 2020 quil a library for interactive graphics
2019 duckling a library that parses text into structured data
claypoole improved, tunable thead pooling for concurrency primitives (pmap, etc.)
Coast A "full stack" web framework
domino a dataflow library that allows for reactive constructs in your app
Mobile 2013 clojure-android
lein-fruit A Leiningen plugin to develop iOS apps (using RoboVM)
Networking Avout Distributed state in Clojure, via ZooKeeper
http-kit High-performance event-driven HTTP client/server for Clojure (see benchmarks and this leiningen template)
Riemann An event stream processor
swarmiji Simple distributed computing framework using RabbitMQ
clojure-protobuf Protocol buffers support
vertx-clj vert.x adapter
Parsers 2014 feedparser-clj RSS feed parsing library
2013 Instaparse Generic parser library
Parsley DSL for creating total and truly incremental parsers in Clojure
markdown-clj limited Markdown parser
gloss A byte-format DSL especially suited to handling raw binary protocols
Resources 2014 Grimoire A handy reference
2013 Clojure Toolbox A compilation of useful Libraries
Runtimes 2020 sci A small Clojure interpreter
Serverless hedge a ClojureScript serverless framework that targets both Azure Functions and AWS Lambda
Tools 2017 Nightlight Embedded editor that runs inside your project
2016 docker-clojure The official Docker image for Clojure, with build triggers.
tenzing A Clojurescript application template
2013 Nightcode An integrated IDE
Grenchman Simple, straightforward nREPL client
Austin A ClojureScript REPL
spyscope trace-oriented debugging tools
Codox Documentation generator that relies on function metadata
lein-midje-doc A clever way to generate documentation from tests
Web 2020 reitit a very fast data-driven router with ring support
2019 Duct a modular web framework
2015 ring-swagger Swagger Spec for Clojure Web Apps
2014 Immutant Full-blown application server
2013 Caribou Pretty decent back-office.
Pedestal A more complete framework
Noir Nice (but, alas, deprecated) framework atop Ring and Compojure
Ring HTTP abstractions
Compojure HTTP routing middleware
Web UI 2014 Reagent A React wrapper that is less trendy (but arguably more pragmatic) than Om
2013 cljs-binding native data binding library
Cloact Simple ClojureScript interface to React
clang Bindings to AngularJS

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