jQuery is a JavaScript library that has struck my fancy repeatedly over the past few years and which I find vastly more productive than the alternatives.


Category Date Link Notes
Media Apr’14 Velocity A high performance replacement for $.animate()
Jun’11 slides Yet another image slider
Sep 4’09 jQuery Flash Plugin get rid of FlashObject and UFO
PNGFix fixes PNG images in stupid browsers such as IE
Media plugin seems to do it all, for all formats
FancyBox a lightbox-like plugin with a Mac-friendly look and on-demand image retrieval that I use on this site
Coda-Slider a carousel-like sliding panel library
jqGalScroll a simple and effective photo gallery scroller that I also use on this site
Galleria a very nice image gallery component that uses fades to good effect
Frameworks May’14 Hoodie An interesting approach at offline first.
Oct’13 Riot.js An opinionated take on MVP.
Graphing Aug 4’12 Peity A little sparkline and pie chart plugin.
Jun 6’09 Fun With Canvas: Create a jQuery Graph Plugin Simple and effective.
Jan 15’09 flot A very complete interactive plotting library
Sep 4’08 jQuery Sparklines very flexible Sparklines plugin
UI Elements May’14 Handsontable An editable spreadsheet-like grid/table.
Aug’12 jBar A simple, neat call-to-action bar
Gridster A variable sized grid control with touch support
FullCalendar A pretty complete drag&drop calendar implementation.
Jun’12 Handsontable A pretty comprehensive spreadsheet-like control.
Apr’12 pep A plugin for kinetic drag and drop on mobile and desktop.
Ninja UI A tiny themable UI toolkit.
Oct’11 jQuery AutoSuggest very nice autocompletion plugin with CSS bubbles.
Jun’11 Dynamic Carousel with support for swipe events
Jan’11 CLEditor A pretty decent WYSIWYG editor.
Apr 18’10 jsplumb A Yahoo Pipes-like plugin
AlphaNumeric A plug-in for masked field input.
Dec 29’09 Ajax AutoComplete for jQuery Very practical.
Jun 5’09 Rounded corners Another plugin
Dec 8’08 jwysiwyg A simple WYSIWYG editor.
Nov 20’08 Liquid Canvas Rounded corners plugin
Oct 21’08 Asynchronous Treeview Simple and effective.
Sep 17’08 jQuery.ScrollTo scrolling to arbitrary positions
Sep 4’09 jParallax a brilliant way to display layered content
labelify a plugin to add labels to your textboxes
Jul 8’09 jgrowl Growl-like notifications
Layout Feb 5’12 turn.js An amazing page-turning effect plugin
May 2’11 UI Layout A powerful layout manager plugin
Apr 2’11 Sausage Visual progress indicator for infinite (or just very long) scrolling.
Feb 7’11 Isotope Amazing layout helper
Apr 26’10 jQuery Masonry Its predecessor.
Social APIs Jun’11 jquery-lifestream Fetches and renders a fully client-side lifestream widget
References Aug ’10 jQuery for Designers A nicely designed, task-oriented site.
Sep 4’09 Cheat Sheet for version 1.2 Very, very good
jQuery Crash Course a good primer
Learning jQuery

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