The guidelines I follow for publishing anything are:

  • It’s publicly available info (i.e., I never publish anything people can’t find on the Net by themselves.)
  • It’s useful to me (now and in the near future) as reference.
  • It has some bearing on my work, hobbies (which tend to be work-related) or the broad areas of tech I happen to be involved in.
  • It’s not directly related to work – I never post anything directly related to my work, projects, company or suppliers, except if it’s public domain (like launches of stuff I’ve worked on) and with at least one external reference.
  • Photos are often published three to six months after they are taken (esp. devices and on-site photos), to avoid providing hints as to what I’m involved in.

I’m also into information security and have drafted several NDAs alongside legal counsel, so I’m probably more responsible than most people in this regard.

In case the above does not make it sufficiently clear to you, my views do not reflect that of my past, present, or future employers – i.e., what I post is my opinion. This is, after all, my web site.

You may also want to check the Comment Policy.

Finally, you may want to consider this direct quote from my profile page:

I don’t subscribe to the notion that everything I do, know or purport to know should be public (or at least plastered on the web). I’m not part of the MySpace generation. I’m a very private person (all things considered), and anyone who looks for reassurance regarding what I am, know or do using Google or scouring through this site is being amazingly na誰ve, to say the least.

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