Monday Mode

My on Storage still applies. One of my 's disks is having a spot of bother (mental note: never, ever, ever again buy a Maxtor disk - which probably means I'll have to avoid Seagate these days), so I'm now looking at spending a sizable portion of tomorrow's holiday fiddling with the darned thing and (most likely) reinstalling on it.

I guess it's (cosmically) fitting that one of my colleagues returned from a business trip to China and brought me a copy of Building Embedded Linux Systems in (coolest time-shifted birthday gift ever) - either way, tomorrow is sure to be a lot more fun (within reason).

And yes, I've been looking at the Drobo site too, but it's one month and an ocean away, and I have trouble even considering buying anything that expensive without an Ethernet interface.

On more -centric topics, Allan Odgaard (he of fame) has joined Planet Tao, making it an even couple of dozen participants.