Crowdsourcing Dilbert Tagging

Remember when I imported all my Dilbert strips into iPhoto?

And that notion of running OCR software on all of them?

Well, I’ve recently hit upon another idea: Tagging. And crowdsourcing.

After all, why bother coding overly complex solutions that will never work when you can get people to scratch your itch and have fun in the process?

I’ve been playing around with the iPod Touch quite a bit, and have built a little Ajax UI that:

  • Lets you navigate my entire collection of Dilbert comics by date (or pick a random comic)
  • Lets you tag a comic using jQuery goodness
  • Lets you browse by tag

It’s still under development – and I’m now ditching the iUi stuff I did for a decent jQuery UI that will be less iPhone-like but a bit more usable on generic devices – but I think that I’ve found a nice (and fun) project for the next few weeks.

Provided I have time, of course.

In the meantime, I’m also dissecting iUi with a view to (re)implementing it in jQuery from top to bottom. This is likely to take a lot longer (and I’m not in a hurry), but if anyone’s doing that too, well… Let me know.