Press Policy

Hot on the heels of my Sponsorship page, it seems that I need a page for press engagements as well, so here goes:

Press Releases

I don’t accept press releases.

In case it’s not immediately apparent, this is not a news site – it’s a personal site, and, as such, I have no real use for press releases – in fact, I would very much appreciate it if you didn’t send me random PR junk.

Please – I get enough mail as it is, and sending me that kind of stuff practically ensures two things:

  • That I will add your address to my Junk filters
  • That I will take an active disinterest in your company or product

I worked in Marketing for the better part of a decade. I know the game. I know what it’s like at your end. I also know what “opt-in” means, and that many people are consummately fed up with aggressive (and often impersonal) one-to-one tactics.

As such, I am OK with receiving stuff related to products I have bought and explicitly ticked the right checkboxes for.

I am not OK with getting the usual sort of buzzword-ridden, caffeine-fueled “oh we’re so excited about communicating this to you” sort of high-octane English that PR graduates spin out these days. Not in my personal inbox, at least.

The only exceptions I make are:

I am also OK with exchanging personal e-mail with indie Mac developers and suchlike. As long as I don’t feel like you’re trying to sell me something.

So If you’re in a company and really want to get the message out about your stuff, please get someone outside of PR to e-mail me.


I do occasional product reviews – nearly always of stuff I’ve bought for myself, or, in a few specific cases, of products I beta-tested or was invited to try out prior to launch.

I don’t mind doing more, but I don’t necessarily deal with those as sponsorship.


I’m not averse to them, although it’s easier via e-mail, like this one.

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