In order to relax a little, I’ve been going through my seemingly never-ending list of to-dos for Yaki enhancements, and after fixing the syntax highlighting/include plugin and a few other doodads, I started working on the archives (not working yet, sorry), and something else I’ve also been wanting to do forever: a sort of InterWiki “dump”, i.e., a list of all the outgoing links that this site has to other “Wikis”:Wikipedia:Wiki, and what pages contain them.

You can see it in action at the Books page (which lists pages containing “ISBN”:Wikipedia:ISBN references), in the test Wikipedia page, and, just for good measure, here are all the references to Apple’s bug-tracker (the table will be updated every two hours or so):

There is some work yet to be done (for instance, dynamic sorting via jQuery is in the cards), but for now the important thing is getting the basics right. Cosmetics can be left to a later date.

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