This is a stub while I put together some more resources, but for the moment here are some LISP/Scheme implementations I’m keeping an eye on (besides Clojure).

Category Date Link Notes
Interpreters Dec’17 lumen A hosted LISP for Lua and Javascript
May’16 uLisp An interpreter for the Arduino
Oct’14 pixie An RPython-based lightweight LISP
Sep’14 IronScheme Runs atop the .NET DLR
glisp An embeddable Go interpreter that compiles LISP to bytecode
Common Lisp McCLIM A GUI toolkit for Common Lisp
Jul’17 darkmatter A notebook-style LISP environment
Sep ‘14’ SICL A modular implementation of Common Lisp for mixing and matching.
Jun ’14 Clozure CL Fast, runs on ARM, compiles down to native code, uses threads
Jul’15 Ceramic An Electron wrapper for shipping desktop applications
Compilers Jun’16 Wasp LISP an interesting twist on special-purpose LISPs
Jan’15 chlorine A subset of Clojure that compiles to JavaScript
cormanlisp For Windows
Sep 6 rhine A Clojure-inspired LISP that targets LLVM
Jun’14 gisp Generates Go code via AST mapping
psota A Clojure compiler that targets the PyPy JIT
May’14 l2l A compiler to Lua
Hy Compiles down to Python AST, with full interop
Pharen Compiles to PHP, of all things…
Wisp Compiles to JavaScript, with Clojure syntax