The SliMP3 is a hardware MP3 player originally made by Slim Devices, Inc.. I have a first-generation model that is easily, hands down, the best value for money I ever paid for an MP3 player of any kind, and that is now (in 2009, nearly five years after I got it) being pressed back into service.


Date Link Notes
Sep 18 Client Protocol A copy of the client protocol specs taken from the Slim Devices wiki.
“User Guide”:cid:SLIMP3-User-Guide.pdf A copy of the user guide.
“Remote Configuration”:cid:Sony-Remote-SLIMP3-User-Guide.pdf A copy of the Sony remote configuration manual.
Older pyslimp3 a Python daemon that acts as an iTunes remote.
“Slimserver Lite”:SourceForge:projects/sslite/ a minimal server written in C (and portable to the NSLU2)
Plugins includes a great plugin.
slimfx a Flash-based theme for the front-end.
Pat Farrell’s Tools a set of Java tools for cleaning up large music libraries
Another Cover Art Tool this time in Perl
SoftSqueeze a Java client that clones the SliMP3 and Squeezebox UI
Videobox a remote control relay that lets you use the SliMP3 to control video displayed on your PC.