Strange Day

Today has been, on all accounts, a strange one, full of unexpected occurrences. Calls out of nowhere, serious family issues that I will have to attend to during the weekend (which seemed much longer before getting home, since Monday's a national holiday), and all sorts of generically odd stuff.

Oh, and Ubuntu (which my old Toshiba was still running) updated itself into a smoldering heap again before dinner. As a way to clear my head, I installed XP on it and am now in the process of methodically removing everything but the base kernel and networking stack. I'm fed up with getting Linux to run on it, and decided to use this one as a dumb, wireless network computer - it's going to start VNC in full-screen mode and connect to my Fedora server by default from now on.

(Incidentally, my move to SuSE on my work laptop has had a setback too - I now have a stable, usable QEMU image that I can work in - Office apps and all - but I started using an HP 1740 LCD, and it turns out that doesn't do dual-head or screen rotation on the M100, so I'm back to using XP for most of the time.)

There is some good news, however - I found out that Melo and I live close enough to nearly have line of sight (it goes to show you how less and less important physical location is these days that we never got around to talking about it).

Maybe after things settle down I can put my old Wi-Fi and radio tricks to good use and set up a cantenna link - my old 802.11b access point is gathering dust, and it is just the thing to make it easier to check out his iTunes library.