NLSU2 Bootstrapping

Defying all chances of getting some actual work done tonight, I picked up a (yes, at the outrageous prices we get here in Portugal). It's neat, tiny, with a Cisco logo in front (which, incidentally, is where I taped its new IP address).

Configuring it on a house where the only Windows PC is my SP2-afflicted work laptop, however, is a pain, because Linksys' Quick Setup tool only runs on Windows. And, by the way, following in great Linksys tradition, the detection and setup utility only runs properly on machines with a single network interface.

saved the day (odd that a can install a Windows-oriented appliance better than Windows itself) - the default IP address seems to be, which if I'm not mistaken, actually collides with the default of one of the earlier Linksys Wi-Fi devices I tested a year or so back.

Changing my 's address to that subnet and pointing to it did the rest. For the inquisitive minds, the firmware version running on it is V2.3R24, and I'm not going to actually do anything about that until I can read through my backlog of nslu2-linux and figure out exactly how I can get mt-daapd and a pared-down Perl or interpreter inside it.

The major hurdle so far seems to be utter lack of support (and an ARM toolchain), but I have plenty of time to think about that after I get some more work done.

There are a few things that have crossed my mind, though:

As always, it will take a while.