Too tired to write much about anything, although Paul Thurrot's piece on "Burn Folders" was a nice surprise. Really.

I bookmarked lots of viewpoints on Adobe's of Macromedia, and kept these for later reading:

I've yet to see an article that goes into what this might mean for the SVG-enabled phones and new rich media services (based on SVG, not Flash) that are being put on European shelves this month, but I expect one will turn up soon - incidentally, the , which is the SVG-enabled phone I used the most so far, has recently started to be sold in promotional bundles. If you need a Bluetooth modem for your , look no further - it can't be beat.

Anyway, the site may be down from 23:00 GMT to 08:00 GMT tomorrow - I am tremendously tired and have no wish to be woken up again by the UPS alarms in case the power company picket starts doing "covert ops" work again.

(I think they're bending the rules and doing illegal repair work without notifying anyone - emergencies do not occur two nights in a row at precisely the same time.)

Sadly, my UPS is too ancient to be supported by any of the UPS daemons, so automatic shutdown isn't possible - and the modem goes out first, anyway...