iPhone - The Early Years

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After the announcement, from January onwards...

Prior to its official announcement launch on January 9th, the iPhone rumors were rampant for years. This timeline (which I started maintaining in 2003-2004) lists most of the relevant mentions, and the links below are an interesting way to gauge the amount of industry hype (as well as reporters' perennial lack of common sense).

Readers are strongly encouraged to make the exercise of gauging the accuracy of both official news sources and rumor sites based on the sheer amount of wasted energy behind all this, er... "press" over the years.

January 2007:

December 2006:

November 2006:

It's been a while since I posted mockup, so here's one to kick off November:

October 2006:

September 2006:

August 2006:

July 2006:

June 2006:

May 2006:

March 2006:

A new batch of rumors has been making the rounds due to the Apple 30-year anniversary on April 1st:

October 2005:

September 2005:

August 2005:

July 2005:

June 2005:

May 2005:

April 2005:

March 2005:

February 2005:

January 2005:

(from here)

(taken from Gizmodo)

December 2004:

November 2004:

September 2004:

July 2004:

August 2002

December 1999: